Beijing kicks off drive to up environmental inspections

Source:Global Times Published: 2015-3-2 23:38:03

Beijing launched a one-year citywide environmental protection inspection on Monday, with a focus on long-standing environmental issues, according to Beijing's environmental protection bureau.

The inspection will be divided into three phases: field investigations, law enforcement inspections and wrap-up, the Beijing-based Legal Mirror reported Monday.

The inspection will include assessments of pollution discharge controls, environmental impact assessments of construction projects, and prominent environment issues frequently reported by residents. Businesses affected must establish a file on their pollutant sources.

The municipal environmental authority said it will strictly follow the Environmental Protection Law in imposing punishment, including collecting pollutant discharge fees, restricting and even suspending offenders' businesses. Serious violations will be publicly disclosed or transferred to the police. 

Beijing began collecting construction dust pollution fees on Sunday, as dust accounts for approximately 14 percent of PM2.5 pollution in Beijing. The fees will be multiplied for construction sites that fail to meet the standards.

The Beijing environmental protection bureau has filed 1,600 air-pollution cases and levied over 39 million yuan ($6.2 million) in fines since the city implemented new air pollution control regulations in 2014. The regulations feature emission controls and harsher penalties.


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