Wang Meng seeks to be a champion out of ice rink

Source:Xinhua Published: 2015-3-17 20:50:11

Off the ice rink for more than a year, multi-Olympic champion Wang Meng exerted herself into another cause - running a sports gear manufacturing business.

The 30-year-old short track speedskating tomboy, dubbed as the "king of short track", has returned to her hometown Qitaihe in Heilongjiang province to launch her own brand "Wang's Union". Wang also means "king" in mandarin.

"I have to think about my future," says Wang, the country's most decorated winter sportsperson who missed Sochi Olympics last year due to a serious ankle injury.

Wang was China's first athlete to win three titles in one Winter Games when she claimed 500m gold and two relay titles in 1,000m and 3,000m in 2010. She had a 500m crown from 2006 Turin Games as well.

"Although I haven't officially retired from the sport, I have to think about it especially when you are recovering from a serious injury at the age of 30," she said.

"I will always love short track and want to stay on it forever, but I don't think it is possible, not even as a coach, because of my bad temper," Wang said.

The fiery-tempered skater was suspended for more than one year after she broke national team curfew and beat up a team official in 2011.

Although she was called back to the national team in late 2012, she missed Sochi and could hardly have the chance to race at another Olympics.

Then the Renmin University graduate student started her own business in skating gears.

Now Wang seemed more of a business person - humble, reasonable and a bit cunning - than the high-headed world and Olympic champion on the ice.

In the business world, Wang found herself in great need of confidence she had on the ice.

"Everyone is your friend and at the same time they are your opponent as well. This is something I have never experienced before," she said. "The world is unfamiliar. The only way is to come to terms with it. You can't fight it."

She admitted it was depressing to "go from office to office only to see her project plan rejected time and again."

But Wang, taking gymnastic Olympic champion Li Ning as her role model, said she had no doubts she could have another success.

"I would have doubts if it were something different, something completely outside of my comfort zone, but obviously it isn't. I am working hard on it, as much as I trained hard on short track when I was a kid."

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