Hyping dissidents leaves anti-China Western critics with egg on their faces

By Shan Renping Source:Global Times Published: 2015-3-31 0:23:01

Amnesty International, headquartered in the UK, honored Ai Weiwei, the controversial Chinese artist, with the 2015 Ambassador of Conscience Award for his alleged contributions to human rights development in China.

It has become a norm that various Western NGOs award Chinese dissidents, followed by Western media's hypes in a relay like goods on the production line.

In China, more people know of Ai Weiwei's political stance rather than his arts achievement. Few people in China can understand his performance art, but he is hailed as a master of art in the West, for obvious reasons.

Some Chinese artists know how to play trick and benefit from it by defying political systems while being exploited by the West.

The number of Chinese dissidents given awards by the West has climaxed in recent years. It is said that China's rise boosts these anti-system dissidents' prestige.

For a certain period in the future, this trend will continue, but it showcases China's prospects of being prosperous and strong.

Indeed, this technique used by the anti-China forces has had some impact earlier. It served like a mega-bomb when Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2010.

However, Western NGOs of all sorts have repeatedly done the same, and show an inclination to hype themselves through provoking China, ending up ruining themselves.

That Amnesty International awarded Ai Weiwei the Ambassador of Conscience Award sends the same message as it if treated China as a target for denunciation.

It is the Western extremists' most cunning way of disgracing China to praise people like Ai and to deceive people that political defiance in China is the highest reflection of conscience.

The prizes are likely to instigate those awardees and other dissidents in China, but they have a diminishing influence on Chinese society and ruined their own reputation.

These awards are the last option that Western forces can adopt in countering China and have gradually become a means of self-entertainment.

In China, there are a great number of people who take real action for human rights development. They may be unknown to the public, but they are indispensable to the country's reforms.

However, Western human rights awards overpass them and only focus on the dissidents, which is obviously aimed at China.

These awards will by no means stand up to the historical test, and they add no glory but instead a stain to these dissidents.

These human rights prizes are just political games, and the participants are nothing but actors being manoeuvred. With the increased progress made by China, these "actors" would rather defy facts, ignore common sense and make themselves odd.

These awards draw attention by creating confrontation, which is a sign of degeneration in the global era.

Chinese society is so large and complicated that Western organizations like the Amnesty International can hardly understand.

However, they think themselves qualified to score social reforms in China, unaware of their lack of experience and senseless behavior.

The author is a commentator with the Global Times. opinion@globaltimes.com.cn

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