Independence groups will dim Taiwan’s economic future

Source:Global Times Published: 2015-4-3 0:28:02

Taiwanese pro-independence groups, led by the Black Island Nation Youth Front, gathered without prior notice and launched a protest on Tuesday evening in front of Taiwan leader Ma Ying-jeou's office building. This happened right after the Taiwan administration's announcement that they would apply for membership of the popular China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). Shouting slogans and even physically engaging with police, they claimed Taiwan's application is an "under-the-table deal," which has impaired Taiwan's so-called national dignity. This protest lasted only one night, but marked the first protest against the AIIB across the globe.

Recent weeks have witnessed the eagerness of global economies to participate in the new financial institution, which has solicited many Western countries to "turn their backs" on their alliance with the US and even made the US itself soften its line. However, it seems that Taiwan's street protesters have decided to swim against the tide.

With applications from some 50 economies, it won't make a difference to the AIIB's worldwide influence if Taiwan is in or out. But from the other perspective, the AIIB means a lot to Taiwan, which is the reason why it finally decided to submit its application on the deadline.

A kind response from the Chinese mainland's Taiwan Affairs Office, which said Taiwan is welcome to join the institution "under an appropriate name," shows that both the mainland and Taiwan have no intention to mess up cross-Straits ties on this matter. Taiwan's participation in the institution will herald more business opportunities for the island, and it is a solid guarantee to ensure the Taiwanese economy won't be marginalized in the future. Thus, the "under-the-table" blame is nothing but a delusion of the Taiwanese separatists.

These activists ruined a promising cross-Straits service and trade pact in April last year, and now they are trying to do the same to the AIIB. They can't represent the mainstream of Taiwanese society.

The real picture of Taiwan's "democracy" seems only to be how the majority is coerced and kidnapped by the minority. It is distancing Taiwan from the trend of the world.

We think when the "appropriate name" is defined, Taiwan will be part of the AIIB. But before that, Taiwan might have to go through some sporadic twists and turns. As a matter of fact, these farces will only consume Taiwan's own energy, and cannot even make a dent in the international community.

Whether Taiwan is in or not, it is not a "nation." Its "national dignity" is not officially recognized by the international community, and the Taiwanese know it.

If these activists continue their tampering with the cross-Straits relations, the island won't have a future. It might disturb the mainland a bit, but it won't crush the mainland. Taiwan had better remain calm on big issues, or the island will be destroyed by the extremists from inside.

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