State news agency criticizes Wanda billionaire’s heir for online vulgarity

By Cao Siqi Source:Global Times Published: 2015-4-10 0:38:01

The State-run Xinhua News Agency recently published yet another article criticizing son of real estate tycoon Wang Jianlin, after the young man posted a picture of himself and his dog with a vulgar caption.

Wang Sicong, 27, is the only child of Wang Jianlin, chairman of property giant the Dalian Wanda Group and China's richest man with a net worth estimated at $24.2 billion according to a March Forbes magazine list.

Xinhua criticized Wang Sicong in an editorial Wednesday, entitled "son of the rich, do not treat vulgarity as a personality."

Wang posted a picture, that has since been removed, of himself on top of his husky in bed on his Weibo on March 29 with caption that read "I am practicing how to fuck a dog." The post quickly went viral and some criticized Wang for his behavior, with Wang hitting back by labelling one critic "a moron."

The editorial slammed Wang's reaction to his critics, saying that Wang's "negative" actions have "stained the purity of the Chinese" and the spread of such "virus-like" voices will encourage "vulgar trends in society."

The editorial warned the public not to praise or copy the "arrogant and coarse celebrity."

With over 11.56 million followers on Sina Weibo, most of whom are young women, Wang is nicknamed "the nation's husband." He is also known for his aggressive and satirical comments online, especially regarding the fashion industry.

Despite the fact that most "second-generation rich" playboys are disliked by the public, unlike other playboys, Wang has become well-known online as his behavior follows trends popular among young people, analysts said.

Hu Xingdou, a professor at the Beijing Institute of Technology, argued that it is Wang's publicity-grabbing antics and frank personality that make him attractive to young netizens.

"Wang's wealth also naturally attracts attention on the Internet, which is filled with materialism. There should be some criticism of him now to prevent his capricious voice from shaping social values," said Zhuang Xihai, professor at Southwest University in Chongqing.  

Xinhua has previously published  commentaries that accused Wang of "disseminating vulgar information" and worshiping money, sex and violence, after Wang said that when he chooses a valentine, "big boobs is enough." It also said that what Wang did was "frivolous" and he has "Berlusconi-style arrogance.

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