Govt denies ‘two-child’ policy change rumors

Source:Global Times Published: 2015-4-11 0:03:01

Family planning will shift in time: experts

China's family planning authority Friday denied the current family planning policy would be relaxed in May to allow all couples in the country to have a second child.

The family planning policy should be maintained as the size of the population puts pressure on natural and economic resources, Song Shuli, spokeswoman of China's National Health and Family Planning Commission, told a media briefing.

Song's comment came as a response to recent speculations about possible changes to the family planning policy.

According to an article published on, the website of the Qiushi Journal, published by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, on Tuesday, the implement of the "two-child policy," which allow every couple to have a second child, has already been "approved" by the central government and policy documents would be sent to local governments before May.

"This speculation is without foundation," said Song.

China's previous family planning policy has been relaxed since late 2013, allowing couples to have a second child if one spouse has no siblings.

The relaxation aims to address the issues of a weaker labor force and the aging population.

"The current relaxation is not the end, policy reform will continue," Song said.

Authorities are still assessing the implementation of the new birth policy to prepare changes to the family planning regulation. Local authorities are making adjustments based on their own demographic structure, she added.

In the annual meetings of China's top legislators and political advisory body in March, a number of deputies and delegates proposed further loosening the family planning policy to allow more couples to have a second child.

Liu Binjie, head of the Education, Science, Culture and Public Health Committee of the National People's Congress, said in March that further adjustment of family planning policy has yet to be put on the legislature's agenda as the 2013 policy change has yet to be fully implemented and the authorities need time to assess the result of the 2013 adjustment.   

Zhai Zhenwu, a professor of demographics from the Renmin University of China, told in March that China will eventually allow all families to have a second child in five years' time.

He noted that if the country relaxed the family policy now, China might face a birth boom which would cause huge pressure to society.

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