China mulls public participation in pollution investigation

Source:Xinhua Published: 2015-4-14 21:59:42

The Ministry of Environmental Protection on Tuesday released a draft regulation, which allows non-governmental groups to participate in investigations of major pollution cases.

According to the draft unveiled to solicit public opinion, environmental protection volunteers and representatives of such social organizations could be appointed as guest supervisors to keep an eye on environmental watchdogs' performance.

The environmental departments are required to provide assistance for request of lawsuits filed by public-interest groups, it added.

China's revamped environmental protection law stipulates that citizens or organizations have the right to acquire environment information, participate in and supervise environmental protection.

The ministry said the draft is an effort to implement the revised law.

The draft rule also specifies the scope of public engagement in environmental protection, including the legislation and revision of environmental laws or regulations, investigation of serious pollution cases, and supervision of pollutant discharge by heavy polluters.

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