Yan/Wu duo made to work in mixed doubles at table tennis worlds

Source:Xinhua Published: 2015-4-28 10:29:46

Chinese pair of Yan An/Wu Yang were troubled by their opponents but still got through to the third round of the mixed doubles event at the world table tennis champiohships on Monday.

Facing up to the mixed NOC pairing of Aleksandar Karakasevic of Serbia and Ruta Paskauskiene of Lithuania in the opening round, Yan and Wu took a 3-1 overall lead first, but allowed their opponents to claw back to force a deciding seventh game.

The Chinese duo held nerves to take the tiebreaker and took the opening win.

"I think the opponents are also adapting us because this is the first match to meet each other. I think our opponents and us are both nervous. So it is normal to fall behind early. As a result, we need get more adapted to the environment," Wu said of the opening match.

After that, the Chinese duo felt more comfortable as they went on to defeat Croatia's Lea Rakovac and Tomislav Pucar 4-2 in the second round.

Chinese Xu Xin and Yang Haeun of South Korea were never really tested in the first two rounds before making it into the third round.

There were also easy wins for Chinese Chen Meng and Frenchman Emmanuel Lebesson, who will clash against Yan/Wu in the third round.

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