Turkey must distance itself from terrorists

Source:Global Times Published: 2015-4-29 0:13:01

According to Turkish media, the Turkish government has ramped up its efforts to crack down on terrorism. It was reported that over 100 people who illegally crossed the Turkish-Syrian border were captured lately, among whom there were Chinese terrorist suspects. Turkey's iron fist is believed to be responding to the appeals of the international community for tighter measures against terrorism.

Recent years have witnessed thousands of foreign fighters fleeing hither and thither between Turkey, Syria and Iraq. The International Criminal Police Organization said Turkey has become a major transit depot for terrorists and militants to Iraq and Syria. EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini directed public criticisms toward Turkey, which has failed to control its border properly.

Turkey has made clear promises to assume its international duties to combat terrorism, but the situation has not improved. It has even raised speculation that Turkey is turning a blind eye in a bid to affect the climate of the Middle East. Turkey needs to resort to more concrete measures to break the negative image.

China is a victim of Turkey's incompetent border control. More Uyghur separatists and terrorists have been reported to have used fake Turkish passports to flee from China to Turkey via Southeast Asia. Since a lot of these stowaways joined the IS through this method, it has already posed great security threats to many countries along the path.

However, Turkish diplomats sometimes openly support these stowaways. Turkish authorities offered unnecessary and dangerous protection to 17 Chinese stowaways who had been caught by the Thai police for illegal immigration. Turkey must know that it bears a heavy responsibility for the repeated incidences of Chinese terrorist stowaways.

Some Turks are still obsessed with the illusion of pan-Turkism, and go into a rapture when their voices are echoed by a bunch of separatists in China's Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. After decades of work, the East Turkistan forces have solicited some blind sympathy from some Turkish politicians and the Turkish people, whose support has emboldened them to act more violently.

Turkey should keep in mind that it mustn't offer any shelter to terrorists, be it for the interests of itself or China and other countries. It must muster greater force to fight against terrorism.

Turkey is not frequently noticed by Chinese society, so it is possible that the recent negative news will comprehensively reduce Turkey's impression in the eyes of the Chinese. Both countries share great space for win-win cooperation. Terrorism shouldn't jeopardize the outlook.

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