Sino-Russian partnership resets intl order

Source:Global Times Published: 2015-5-12 0:18:04

China and Russia conducted their first joint navy drills in the Mediterranean on Monday. Nine vessels in total were deployed by both sides, and the aim of the exercise is for maritime security.

The increasing closeness between China and Russia, especially on the occasion of the Victory Day parade in Moscow, has garnered extensive attention. The drills, coming hard on the heels of the parade, cannot avoid being hyped up in some sensational reports by Western media.

The Telegraph made an extreme and bizarre comment on China-Russia relations, saying "the Russia-China axis is the main threat to the West's vision of peaceful and prosperous international relations," regardless of the statement made by both sides over and over again that China and Russia are just partners, not allies.

China and Russia's strategic partnership is a result of the times, but it is totally different from a military alliance such as the one between the US and Japan. The West should ask themselves whether they did something irksome to both Russia and China, whose close relationship is disturbing them so much.

The China-Russia partnership has brought in strategic benefits to both sides. Not only has it advanced their bilateral cooperation in economic affairs, but it has made both feel more secure, and the balance of power can be better sustained. Meanwhile, both sides know the restraints in their partnership. No side is willing to give up the rest of the world for the other side.

Despite cultural differences, both nations, unlike the US and Japan's "master and servant" ties, are on an equal footing. Unless both sides face the same life-or-death threats, the chance that China and Russia will become allies is remote.

History keeps reminding China and Russia that an alliance is not in the best interest of both sides. The Chinese believe that now is the best period of time in bilateral relations.

Critical voices about the partnership can be heard in both China and Russia. Russian politics has re-adopted Western democracy, and Chinese society has been more diversified since its reform and opening-up. Some people in both countries persist in saying that the partnership needs more prudence.

It must be noted that enhancing the strategic partnership is expected by mainstream society in both countries. The partnership cannot be destabilized simply by historical discord or the opposition of the Western world, and it has broken away from the limits of leaderships' preference.

It is time for the Western elite to relinquish their egoism and self-centeredness and have a good look at how the China-Russia partnership is re-defining the old system of international relations.

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