Dog-beater apologizes to angry crowd in Xinjiang

Source:Global Times Published: 2015-5-14 20:48:02

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A man who was accused of severely beating a dog in Urumqi, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region bowed in apology to an angry crowd on Tuesday.

Animal lovers traveled from as far as Guangzhou and Shanghai to confront the man, surnamed Wang, after video of the beating went viral Sunday.

Dozens had collected with banners in hand at Wang's place of work, where one man climbed onto Wang's vehicle and stomped dents into the roof, media reported.

Video uploaded online showed the bloodied dog on the ground while people quarrelled about the beating at a car repair shop. Wang allegedly beat the dog with sticks, breaking its jaw.

The video sparked a human flesh search that ultimately identified Wang as the abuser.

His personal information, including place of work, mobile phone number and QQ account were all released online.

Wang has since received numerous calls and more than 3,000 harassing text messages, he told media.

He claimed that the dog, about half a meter in size, scared his young son after it knocked him to the ground.

"Nobody was looking after the dog," Wang said.

According to reports, the dog was a stray that had been taken in by workers at the repair shop.

Wang later told media that he had "overreacted" and agreed to publicly apologize and pay 10,000 yuan ($160) to treat the injured dog.

While many on social media called Wang's actions "extreme," others said netizens had violated Wang's rights.

"It's all right to love animals, but violating someone's right to privacy is wrong," wrote "Luohua Renduli."

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