Fan Bingbing rushes injured boy to hospital

Source:Global Times Published: 2015-6-16 20:08:01

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Fan Bingbing rushes injured boy to hospital

Chinese film star Fan Bingbing is being lauded as a real-life heroine on social media for rushing an injured boy to a local hospital, Qianjiang Evening News reported on Tuesday.

Photos of the film diva holding the boy, Ke Le (pseudonym), as he received treatment for injuries at a Zhejiang Province hospital have gone viral.

The actress, who topped this year's Forbes China Celebrity list, was working on location in Liangzhu when she drove past an ebike accident and spotted the bloodied 5-year-old boy sitting on the road.

The boy was riding on the back of his aunt's e-bike when it struck another vehicle. Ke Le had broken his front teeth in the accident, the paper reported.

The news report also said that Fan called for Ke Le and his aunt to get in her car and took them to a nearby hospital, where the actress helped them register. Fan stayed with Ke Le as he received treatment and gave the aunt several hundred yuan before leaving.

"Fan said she was playing a taxi driver in a TV program when she saw the accident. She accompanied the boy for half an hour and politely said goodbye when his treatment ended," the boy's doctor, surnamed Ge, told the reporter.

News of Fan's philanthropy spread on social media. The TV program in production confirmed the story on its official Sina Weibo account and posted the hospital photos.

While some on social media accused the TV program of drumming up publicity, most praised Fan for her good deed.

"We need stars like Fan setting good examples in our society. We could spread love and support to others with deeds like these," Net user "zhangboshuai" posted on his Sina Weibo.

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