Pan-democrats mustn’t veto HK’s future

Source:Global Times Published: 2015-6-18 0:18:01

The Hong Kong Legislative Council (LegCo) on Wednesday started to review the reform proposal for the 2017 election of the next chief executive. A decisive vote is expected to take place on Thursday or Friday. As heated debates unfolded in the LegCo on Wednesday, supporters of the pro-establishment camp and pan-democracy camp came to a fierce showdown outside the council, with no clue as to a compromise. Hong Kong is at a crossroad, but pan-democrats and their followers have failed to figure out what this means for Hong Kong. Some vowed to veto the political reform package. They are so fixated on saving face for their small group and their short-term interests that they give no consideration to the disastrous consequences of a veto. If Hong Kong misses this opportunity, it will lead to unpredictable losses and waning social confidence.

The Hong Kong opposition camp probably thinks they have no responsibility for society. They set up a high goal and resort to every possible means, even illegitimate approaches, while making no allowances for a concession to avoid chaos.

In developed Western countries, despite fierce partisan struggles in legislatures, opposition parties act very prudently if an anti-government movement that affects general public's interests surges. In most cases, they will join the ruling party in censuring the destructive protests. But in Hong Kong, pan-democratic legislators lined up with street political activists. There are concerns as to whether they represent the mainstream society or street populism.    

We believe they don't long for a chaotic Hong Kong. Why do certain pan-democrats dare to rile Hong Kong? It is probably because they believe the central government will not sit by and watch Hong Kong slip into chaos. The responsibilities for society they refuse to assume will be taken by other constructive forces of Hong Kong and the central government. The country, in the end, will clear up the mess using its resources and strength, while they make a scene under the banner of democracy.

However, the fact is that if the opposition camp vetoes the reform plan, political reform will come to a standstill. If reckless actions continue, the Asian financial hub will be dragged into real chaos. It will become a painful memory for Hong Kong society.

The stakes are too high if the Hong Kong opposition camp thoughtlessly abandons the chance of universal suffrage just to embarrass the central government. It will be the sorrow of the whole city if Hong Kong society has to pay the price for the impetuous attitude of the opposition camp. 

The pan-democrats and their supporters have a last day to clear their mind. Their actions will have a profound influence on Hong Kong's future. If they can recognize this in the last few hours, that will be the fortune of Hong Kong.

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