China to boost textile industry in Xinjiang

Source:Xinhua Published: 2015-6-25 18:23:58

China's cabinet issued a guideline on Thursday to bolster the textile and garment industry in the western Xinjiang region in the hope of increasing local employment and exports.The country plans to build Xinjiang into a major textile base by 2020 to facilitate exports to its western neighbors, according to the State Council.

The guideline specifies investment in industrial parks in Aksu, Shihezi, Korla and Alaer, and a focus on clothing, knitting and carpet industries in southern Xinjiang.

A major cotton base that boasts sufficient raw materials and low labor costs, the areas are eyed by the government as the site of a new pillar industry as enterprises in the country's east have started to transplant factories and explore new markets.

The guideline said the government should nurture the production of folk costumes and encourage leading apparel producers to transfer their business.

China hopes an emerging textile sector will ensure local employment and help maintain regional stability. The local government expects the output of the industry to reach 212.5 billion yuan (34.75 billion US dollars) in 2023, when it will be able to provide jobs for one million people.

In addition, the guideline vowed more financial aid, subsidies and infrastructure improvement in the areas.

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