Sex selfie video in Beijing Uniqlo store goes viral

By Cao Siqi Source:Global Times Published: 2015-7-15 20:21:47

Police investigating as store denies it a publicity stunt

Beijing police said Wednesday they are investigating a video posted online showing two people having sex in a fitting room at a Uniqlo store. 

The video that shows a young couple having sex in the fitting room of a Uniqlo store in Beijing’s bustling Sanlitun district was leaked on Tuesday night and spread quickly on Chinese social media. 

In the video, the man, wearing glasses, a black T-shirt and jeans, is heard telling the naked woman to kiss him while using his iPhone to record the incident in front of the fitting room’s mirror. 

Other statements like “call me husband” and “we will be together” could also be heard on the video. As the video ends, a female voice could be heard saying, “Dear customers, welcome to the Uniqlo store at Sanlitun.”

It is unclear who leaked the video, which has since been deleted online. 

An online search showed that the woman is allegedly a student at the Commerce School of Beijing Union University, and the couple’s phone numbers and WeChat accounts, a popular social networking application, were also found on the Internet. 

The Global Times dialed the numbers but failed to get an answer, while the university refused to comment on the incident.  

The video quickly made the Japanese clothing brand a hot topic with millions of people discussing it on the Internet. Some Net users said the video might have been part of company publicity stunt.

Uniqlo has denied that allegation and said that the company is looking closer into the incident.  

“Uniqlo is committed to providing comfortable and high quality service to customers and hopes they would uphold social ethics, safeguard social justice and use the fitting room in a proper way,” read a statement released on Weibo.

The Beijing News reported many people flocked to the Uniqlo store Wednesday to take photos.  Meantime, the company’s share price rose by 5 percent on Wednesday morning on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, reported.
A survey shows that 40.8 percent of 12,837 respondents say it’s a publicity stunt, while  51.1 percent said they will not spread the video. 

However, the Global Times saw Netizens allegedly selling copies of the video online, and the online shopping platform was seen selling clothes similar to those worn by the woman in the video. 

“If the video was uploaded by someone other than the couple, he or she would be violating people’s privacy and spreading pornographic material,” Wang Sixin, a law professor at the Communication University of China in Beijing, told the Global Times.

If it was a company publicity stunt, the company should also be held liable, said Wang, adding that websites should also delete pornographic material as soon as possible. 

China’s Criminal Law states that people who produce, copy, publish, sell or spread pornographic material for commercial purposes could face up to 10 years in jail. 

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