‘Spartans’ foreigners detained for publicity stunt in Beijing

Source:Globaltimes.cn Published: 2015-7-22 23:24:33

Photos: Beijing Youth Daily's official sina Weibo account

Dozens of foreigners delivering food dressed as Spartans were taken away by Beijing police for “affecting public order.”

Photos posted online showed around 100 scantily-clad foreigners marching through the streets holding food boxes. Some photos showed them in a pyramid formation shouting in front of a building, while some showed them at the Guomao Railway station in Chaoyang District. 

Other photos showed police holding them down at a pedestrian bridge in Sanlitun District. 

Video identified them as employees of a Beijing-based Sweetie Salad restaurant and were delivering salad to office workers and promoting the restaurant. 

Police officers decided to accost them to restore public order after the foreigners ignored several warnings, the Beijing Youth Daily reported Wednesday. 

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