China launches 'online police stations' to strengthen cyber security

Source:Global Times Published: 2015-8-5 0:43:01

Online police stations set up to boost cybersecurity

China will set up "Internet police stations" on major websites and Internet companies as part of the nation's efforts to strengthen online security, the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) announced Tuesday.

The offices would be responsible for collecting and reporting to police information on suspected illegal activities, and to help companies improve security management, reported the Xinhua News Agency.

Website operators were asked to avoid sensationalizing sensitive cases that could lead to more crimes and are banned from running violent or pornographic information. They were also required to be open to feedback and public assistance.

Authorities would also work to upgrade security level of website information to prevent hacking and protect netizens' personal information.

Misconduct including hacking, illegally obtaining private information, committing fraud and spreading rumors online would be severely punished, said the MPS, adding that information on violence, terrorism, pornography and drugs would be filtered.

In June, Chinese Internet police launched accounts on social networking platforms in 50 cities and regions to further combat cyber crimes, while police will set up their own online inspection teams after the pilot program, a move analysts see as a major step to advancing the rule of law online.

The Internet police are focusing on the infiltration of traditional crimes in cyberspace.

Authorities had already removed 758,000 pieces of "illegal and criminal information," and have investigated over 70,000 cyber crime cases since January, the MPS added.

Newspaper headline: Online police stations set up to boost cybersecurity

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