Taiwan counts agricultural, education costs of Soudelor

Source:Xinhua Published: 2015-8-11 21:35:55

Typhoon Soudelor caused an agricultural loss of 2.28 billion new Taiwan dollars (71.2 million US dollars) and another 357 million at the more than 1,800 schools affected in Taiwan, local authorities estimated on Tuesday.

According to the agricultural authority, as of noon on Tuesday, Chiayi County suffered the biggest loss, estimated at 545 million new Taiwan dollars, followed by central Taiwan's Yunlin County with losses of 320 million. Tainan City, Kaohsiung City and Yilan County have each registered losses of over 200 million.

Losses of agricultural produce topped 1.75 billion, with a damaged area of 32,287 hectares. The degree of damage was estimated at 27 percent, meaning 8,597 hectares of farmland will have no harvest.

The hardest hit-crop is bananas, with losses of 386 million. Bamboo shoots, pomelos, papayas and guavas were also seriously hit.

Losses to animal husbandry, fishery, forestry and agricultural facilities totaled 15.5 million, 78.9 million, 22.1 million and 412.8 million respectively.

The island's education authority said a total of 1,827 schools were affected by the storm, with an estimated loss of 357 million.

Schools in Taichung City suffered the largest loss of 62.2 million, while New Taipei City and Taipei City followed with 61.7 million and 43.6 million.

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