After the blasts

Source:Global Times Published: 2015-8-13 18:43:01

Blasts took place in a warehouse containing explosive materials in Tianjin Municipality's Binhai district at 11:30 pm on August 12. The death toll stood at 44 by 5 pm on Thursday. Photo: Cui Meng/GT

The uniforms of deceased firemen lie scattered on the grass. Photo: Cui Meng/GT

Witnesses say they saw a mushroom cloud after the explosions, and smoke filled the sky from the blaze.Photo: Cui Meng/GT

Many cars were burnt out by the disaster. Photo: Cui Meng/GT

Buildings were scorched immediately after the explosions. Photo: Cui Meng/GT

More than 1,000 firefighters and 143 fire engines have been dispatched to the scene since the explosions. Twelve firemen are confirmed to have died by 5 pm on Thursday. Photo: Cui Meng/GT

The doors and windows of many buildings have been shattered.Photo: Cui Meng/GT





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