Zhejiang city orders ‘illegal churches’ demolished

Source:Global Times Published: 2015-8-17 0:53:01

Authorities in Wenling, East China's Zhejiang Province gave administrators of nearly a dozen churches an ultimatum on Friday to demolish or vacate the churches before September 1.

A total of 15 churches were told to demolish their "illegal structures" or vacate those buildings within 15 days, according to a notice published by the Bureau of Land Resources in the Wenling Daily on August 15.

Authorities said some churches will have to be completely demolished, including a four-story church in Baishanjie village, Wenling.

For some other churches, only portions of the buildings, such as dormitories and warehouses, will have to be torn down.

Authorities added they had previously ordered illegal structures at those churches demolished, but the churches have failed to comply.

In addition to churches, some companies and village committees were also urged to abide by regulations against the construction of additional structures, like an iron roof. A total of 807 cases were listed on the notice.

The Bureau of Ethnic and Religious Affairs in Wenzhou, a city also in Zhejiang which is about 100 kilometers away from Wenling, triggered controversy in July for a campaign to "relocate" the crosses on the churches.

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