US intrudes on China’s anti-graft drive

Source:Global Times Published: 2015-8-18 1:13:01

The New York Times published an article on Sunday with a striking headline that proclaimed "China warned over its use of covert agents on US soil." But after reading the piece, one realizes that it is about China's Operation Fox Hunt that is aimed at flushing out corrupt Chinese officials who fled overseas. It seems that the esteemed NYT has mistaken Chinese police officers as "special agents" in charge of national security. We have no idea whether it was a careless mistake or if they did it on purpose.

This mistake is only a minor problem. The major issue is that given the fact that the US government is becoming more uncooperative with China in its anti-corruption endeavors, the US media falsely accused China of using Operation Fox Hunt to deploy secret agents on US soil. The US is providing shelter to those on the run. We have reason to suspect that the US wants to divert attention and regain the moral high ground.

This article also uses emotional and ill-founded quotes from so-called experts. One of them, who seems to be of Chinese descent judging by his family name, said the Communist Party of China "believes if you're of Chinese ancestry then you're Chinese anyway, and if you don't behave like one you're a traitor." It is unbelievable to witness such an absurd and judgmental accusation.

Operation Fox Hunt is conducted across the world. The US is only one of several popular hideouts for these fleeing officials. No other countries have issued complaints about the operation or conspired tales of "secret agents" to hinder the process.

The US boasts of its zero tolerance toward corruption. But as a paragon of democracy and the rule of law, the US has become a haven for so many corrupt Chinese officials.

For example, Ling Wancheng, suspected of involvement in major economic crimes, is living a life of luxury in a 700-square-meter house in the US. Shouldn't the country actively coordinate with China in investigating and repatriating him?

However, for years, Washington has never walked the walk on this matter. Although the US government has made several promises and agreements with China to facilitate the latter in this case, it tries every means to delay the process.

The Chinese believe that Washington is not sincere in helping China in its anti-corruption campaign. Some American elites are actually happy to see more corrupt officials fleeing to the US with their enormous piles of ill-gotten gains, and some of them might become a card for the US to play in countering China.

The US keeps playing a counterproductive role in the endeavor and is whitewashing its misdemeanors and tricks through its powerful media.

The "Chinese secret agents" are nothing but a fantasy. The Chinese police officers set foot on the US soil by legal means and they take actions that are fair and square. It is time for the NYT to stop babbling and distracting people's attention from the US' inactive response to Operation Fox Hunt.

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