Two more HK residents injured in Bangkok blast return home for treatment

Source:Xinhua Published: 2015-8-22 15:29:40

Two of the six residents injured in the Bangkok bomb blast returned to Hong Kong on Friday afternoon for further medical treatment, the Immigration Department has said.

As of 8 pm Friday, no further report of casualties had been received by the Immigration Department. At present, it was confirmed that two Hong Kong residents deceased and six were injured in the incident.

The corpses of the two deceased residents were also transferred back to Hong Kong on Friday afternoon. Up till now, three of the six injured residents have already returned to Hong Kong, while the remaining three are still receiving treatment at hospitals in Bangkok.

The department said it will continue to closely monitor the situation and render practical assistance to Hong Kong people in Bangkok, while advising residents already there to attend to personal safety and remain in safe areas.

A deadly bomb blasted outside a popular shrine in the center of Bangkok on Monday night, which left at least 20 dead and more than 120 others injured.

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