Parade guest list advocates world unity

Source:Global Times Published: 2015-8-25 19:43:01

China's foreign ministry has announced a guest list for the commemorative event for the 70th anniversary of the World Anti-Fascist War in Beijing. The Victory Day parade will see 30 state leaders and 19 high-ranking government officials from foreign nations on the reviewing stand, and 11 countries' guards of honor and six countries' delegations in the procession. Despite the unwillingness of the US to endorse the event and the negative impact due to it, Chinese diplomats have done a good job, which will help the parade to be one of the most successful in recent years.

Generally speaking, most of China's neighboring countries have shown the initiative to participate. The parade will welcome heads of state from Russia, four central Asian countries, some ASEAN countries, especially Myanmar and Vietnam, South Korea, Mongolia, Pakistan, South Africa, Egypt and the Czech Republic. Besides, North Korea, India and Brazil will also send special envoys.

In the Western world, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Australia will send foreign ministers or minister-level officials; the UK and New Zealand will send special envoys representing the prime minister; the ambassadors of the US, Canada and Germany will represent their government and show up at the event.

Apparently, China is not the most influential rallying point in the international community. Beijing knows that if the US is reluctant to cooperate with China on certain matters, some hurdles will be raised.

But China does not have to worry too much about what Washington and its allies are thinking. It should follow its own path and do what it has to do. In this way, China is nurturing confidence.

Recent years have seen growing discrepancies and conflicts across the world. The Sino-US relationship has also turned delicate. China's parade, by inviting many countries to commemorate the end of WWII together, is a positive step to call for internationalism. China should be proud of this effort.

Washington's inactive response to the parade shows its skeptical and parochial mind. In a lively event like this, China should be tolerant of the US on this matter, and remember how the US pilots, the Flying Tigers, risked their lives and fought with their Chinese brothers in the war.

Disputes should be shelved on a day like this. Seventy years ago, the anti-Fascist alliance helped China win the war against Japan, and China's great contribution to the final victory is also crucial. The parade is held in remembrance of the past, of how they joined hands to fight for justice and freedom. That memory should serve as an important lesson to nowadays.

The parade will definitely draw wide attention. We hope those who are suspicious of the event can change their perspective a bit, and find out a powerful but peaceful China.

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