Photography event to explore the beauty of China’s grasslands

Source:Global Times Published: 2015-8-27 18:28:01

Starting on September 26, the biennial  Bashang Grasslands Global Photography Grand Ceremony will share the beauty of grasslands during the fall with photography-lovers and investors at a three-day event hosted by National Photography magazine, according to a press conference in Beijing on Wednesday.

Taking the ecology of China's grasslands as its theme, the event in Chifeng city, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, will include a global photography forum, an international photo exhibition and other local cultural events.

"The event aims to show the power of images and the duty photographers have to protect the environment and nature and give photographers, investors and entrepreneurs the chance to communicate with each other," He Shihong said at the conference.

He pointed out that organizers have prepared several special activities for photography enthusiasts. Organizers have pitched tents in the Bashang Grasslands near Chifeng so that photographers have a place to stay as they take night photographs.

Another activity will provide photographers a rare opportunity to take pictures of running horses, which the organizers hope will lead to some breathtaking pictures.

A new app operated by National Photography, Wei Shoot, will be launched during the event. According to He, the app has been specially designed for photographers to publish and sell their works online.

The app is also aimed at making it easier for photographers to rent equipment as they travel to different cities around China.

All the photos taken at this year's event will also be shared through the new app.

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