Imitating Obama

Source:Global Times Published: 2015-8-30 17:08:01

Xiao Jiguo is surrounded by a group of children. Photo: CFP

Xiao makes a living by imitating US president Barack Obama. Photo: CFP

Xiao shapes his eyebrows to look more like Obama. Photo: CFP

While waiting to go on stage, Xiao stands next to a photo of himself and smokes a cigarette. Photo: CFP

After becoming famous by imitating Obama, some companies contacted Xiao and invited him to be in their films. Photo: CFP

In order to look more like US president Barack Obama, Xiao Jiguo recently got plastic surgery to slightly adjust some of his facial features.

The 29-year-old already bore a striking resemblance to Obama and has been making a livelihood by mimicking Obama for almost four years.

In 2012, a friend shot a video of Xiao, then a migrant worker in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province singing a song and uploaded it to the Internet. Many people commented that he looks like Obama. Then it dawned upon Xiao that he can make a living out of his appearance. 

That year, he took part in Zhejiang Television's Dream of China and sang two songs. He became popular instantly and was pursued by multiple TV producers. He also took part in a few movies and TV series.

Just before the surgery, he starred in an Internet sitcom about a man's dating experience. Xiao has never met Obama and doesn't understand most of what Obama does. He can't say what "Obamacare" entails, nor does he know much about the American political system. But he looks similar enough to the US president for most people.

"In order to imitate Obama, besides waxing my eyebrows, I only need a shirt, a tie and a black suit to get by, anywhere," he told media. 

Lately, Xiao has made it his mission to study Obama. He has looked up many videos and news stories about the president, in order to understand him better. He has also started learning English and even memorized Obama's inauguration speech.

Xiao hopes after the plastic surgery, he will look more like Obama and this will earn him more chances to become a star.

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