Parade, military cut send explicit message

Source:Global Times Published: 2015-9-6 0:08:01

Chinese President Xi Jinping announced a 300,000 cut in troop numbers in his speech at the military parade on Thursday, a move the world did not expect. Some overseas media were surprised at the beginning and believed the cuts "aren't being made to reduce tensions with Beijing's increasingly anxious neighbors." They believe the cuts are only aimed at ground troops, which will in turn accelerate China's military modernization and bring fear to the outside world.

At least, they noticed that China has the intention to reduce tensions with its neighbors and admitted that the cuts were a peaceful gesture made by China. The cuts are not intended to weaken China's military modernization. The overseas media were right in asserting that a push for China's military technologies would be inevitable.

Some countries do not wish to see a China whose defense industry can independently produce advanced strategic weapons systems. It is expected that some Western media will utter some sour words.

But it is illogical to say China's military modernization is contradictory to world peace. It is a judgment merely based on ideologies.

There are multiple reasons behind China's military parade. If China intends simply to "awe" the outside world, it is unnecessary to pledge to cut 300,000 troops at this juncture, as its muscle-flexing show would have been downgraded. If China simply wanted to highlight the cuts, it does not have to display its missiles.

China hopes to inform the international community that China remains a powerful force to maintain world peace. This may not be understood by all sides, as there is a lack of mutual trust. The cuts, to a certain extent, reflect the understanding of the Chinese government toward war and peace and show China's good will. No matter how hostile one feels about China, one should not be indifferent toward this move.

China has become a major power and a strategic force with global influence. Its contribution to world peace cannot be made while behaving like a coward. China has become the second-largest economy in the world and its interests have touched every corner of the world. If it can be harassed by anyone, how can world peace last?

China needs a long process to get along well with the West, especially the US. A militarily rising China will change the global power structure, which is bound to have a deep impact on the West. Westerners should adapt to this process, and China should also take into account their feelings.

The positive impact of the military parade will gradually loom large, as China not only announced military cuts and showed modern equipment, but also sought international unity by reviewing the world's anti-fascist efforts. The world has been forming a new understanding of China, which is closer to the real image of China.

It will be an arduous process to establish trust between China and the West, and both sides should have clarity over this.

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