Who should clean the Arab Spring mess?

Source:Global Times Published: 2015-9-6 23:53:01

Europe is undergoing anguish brought by the waves of refugees. The picture of a 3-year-old Syrian toddler washed up on a Turkish beach has sparked international outrage, which also imposes pressure on Europe to take in more refugees from the Middle East. Some European countries like the UK announced they would receive more refugees, while the Czech Republic and a number of others refused the allocation quota proposed by the EU.

Westerners may find it hard to bear when their peaceful society is intruded on by waves of refugees. But what about the feelings of these refugees who used to be the middle class in their country but ended up fleeing?

It is believed that Europe holds responsibilities to take in more refugees from the Middle East as European countries added fuel to the burning chaos in the source countries of refugees such as Syria and Libya.

The US also has such an obligation because it is the pusher behind the Arab Spring. But the US simply turned a blind eye to it and has left the thorny issue to its European partners alone.

Europe is supposed to open its doors to those miserable refugees. But it has been mired in an economic recession for many years, and a hostile sentiment toward refugees is brewing. Europe is neither willing to nor capable of receiving more refugees from the Middle East.

The West only wants Middle East countries to walk a democratic path that the West designs for them. It has no intention to help non-Western countries realize good governance. It is good at instigating color revolutions in these countries. But restoring order needs exorbitant money input. The West is actively waging a color revolution without addressing the problems that arose. And it is the public that has to suffer.

Syria, Libya and Iraq are countries with a small population. But refugees from these countries are enough to give Europe a headache. It is hard to imagine what would occur if similar chaos happened in China.

If huge social unrest takes place, the outside world is unlikely to allow waves of Chinese refugees in.

No natural disasters strike a heavier blow to people's lives than wars, because wars will destroy social order and deprive people's basic rights of life. Reconstruction can be carried out after a natural disaster occurs, but once a war starts, life is not worth a cent compared to achieving overall victory.

China has been developing peacefully and expanding its poverty alleviation efforts. While people in war-torn countries live in extreme poverty, China remains supportive of the humanitarian cause.

The Chinese people should all safeguard today's peace and prosperity, which do not come easily.

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