Xi’s US visit to clear path through rhetoric

Source:Global Times Published: 2015-9-21 23:58:01

Chinese President Xi Jinping embarks on his first state visit to the US today, a trip which is the focus of US diplomatic events this year. US political and business spheres, as well as public opinion have to face an urgent task - dealing with a rising China.

Xi will bring Beijing's thinking and suggestions to dispel American concerns. Since the end of the Cold War, high-level relations between China and the US have come to an anxious juncture, which some US scholars have described as a "tipping point." It worries the US, and China has sensed its seriousness. It is strategic urgency to have deep communication at the highest level between the two.

China is seen as a challenger to US leadership and the current international order by some US elites and public opinion. No matter what China does, they believe China is deliberately changing the existing rules to establish its own as well as challenging the US bottom line.

This in turn has ignited Chinese society. Many Chinese people doubt the US official rhetoric that it does not aim to "contain" China. Some feel pessimistic about the prospects of Sino-US ties.

The relationship between China and the US is completely different from the ties between the US and former Soviet Union. Against the backdrop of the Cold War, the two were public rivals, and some believe this is where Sino-US relations will end.

Some renowned US experts have warned that "if we treat China like an enemy, they will become an enemy." This has been adopted by some Chinese who say that "if we treat the US like an enemy, they will become an enemy." Some worry that China and the US are standing at this crossroad.

If China and the US let these suspicions and vigilance spiral out of control, healthy bilateral relations may be kept at bay. Currently, the leadership of the two countries seems to be the most significant anchor that leads strategic stability between the two. Zhongnanhai proposed the idea of a new type of major power relations, and the White House has been adopting a mild and rational approach to China.

Chinese President Xi and US President Barack Obama do shoulder heavy responsibilities. They will not only affect the trajectory of bilateral relations in the years to come, but will also set up a landmark that will lead the world to understand international relations in the 21st century.

Sino-US relations are solid and tenacious. The US media always hypes up issues such as Chinese dissidents. But the bubble of these issues will end up drowning in the big waves of intertwined economic and social development of the two. Xi's US visit this time will inject confidence into bilateral ties. The world, after experiencing the ups and downs of big powers, is expecting that the trip will be a new start for major power relations.

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