China not deluded by communist ideals

Source:Global Times Published: 2015-9-23 0:38:01

"Communism" has become a hot word in the opinion sphere recently. Some newspapers have published articles that called for working for the long-term goal of communism. However, a number of intellectuals online have adopted an ironic view toward the doctrine of communism. Such debates, however, are not unexpected.

Since China's reform and opening-up, communism is no longer a hot slogan in newspapers and on people's lips. But as a noble ideal, it still guides the country's direction. The political concept of the whole of society should be consolidated, or there will be a lack of cohesion.

China did not experience a developed capitalist society. It is understandable that some people are attracted by the advantages of capitalism. Marx long-illustrated the prospects of communism, which shows the broad-mindedness of mankind.

At a time when China was struggling to find a way out and tried every possible means, people were encouraged by communism. It not only helped establish a new China, but also injected confidence to the Chinese people. China has become the world's second-largest economy.

The positive energy that communism brought to our society has far exceeded any bad outcome led by our immature understanding of it.

The Russian October Revolution brought communist theories to China. After almost a century, they have not let us down.

We cannot simply talk about communist ideals and ignore critical issues. At the same time, we should not believe communist ideals are far away because we have bought fake products or encountered corrupt officials.

China needs to carry forward its communist ideals, and keep abreast of the times while carrying out its work, and make the beautiful vision for humanity understandable to the general public.

Communist ideals provide Chinese society with cohesion and morale. However, we have to reconcile ourselves to the fact that it is not an easy job for these ideals to put down roots among the people and help China to compete in the international arena.

It is a long-term challenge for China to stick to its ideals when Western political ideas are so pervasive in the modern age. It takes much more effort than shouting slogans for political workers at all levels to accomplish their mission.

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