Nine colors in three themes set to trend across Asia

Source:Global Times Published: 2015-10-14 19:43:01

Asia Pacific Region. Inset: Nipsea Group has unveiled three color themes: "We Are One," "New Eco" and "Wonder-Lust." Each theme features three unique colors. Photo: Courtesy of Nipsea Group

The nine trendsetting colors were curated and handpicked by more than 50 design professionals, color experts and enthusiasts from all over the Asia Pacific Region. Photo: Courtesy of Nipsea Group

Nipsea Group, one of the leading paint and coating manufacturers in Asia selling Nippon Paint products in 15 Asian countries and regions, launched its second "Trend Beyond Colors" recently, unveiling nine key color palettes featuring three inspirational themes: "We Are One," "New Eco," and "Wonder-Lust." The nine colors are expected to be utilized across various industries and applications in 2016 and 2017.

The nine trendsetting colors were curated and handpicked by more than 50 design professionals, color experts and enthusiasts from all over the Asia Pacific region, including Malaysia, Singapore, the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, India, Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines and Japan. They were unveiled at the Asia Pacific ChromaZone Color Forecasting Workshop 2015 in Japan earlier this year. The workshop was organized by Color Marketing Group (CMG), the leading authority in identifying, understanding and forecasting color trends, in collaboration with Nipsea Group. It is the only convergence of Asian professionals to have created palettes specifically for the region. The forecasted colors form an important reference point that influences color use across a wide range of industries from automotive and fashion to electronic devices as well as architectural and interior spaces.

"We study and analyze the effects of colors and how people's behavior is influenced by them in Asia to capture the region's essence," Group CEO of Nipsea Wee Siew Kim said. "We translated these into nine colors under three themes. We want to make it easier for our consumers to develop their own stories in the future."

Believing that colors can enliven the environment and mood around their users, Nipsea Group created themes that each features three unique colors, allowing consumers to explore and express their imagination.

The first series, "We Are One," features modern colors that remind people that digital devices are an indispensable part of everyday life and that technology and social media are constantly connecting people wherever they are. The palette features Founder Blue, Gray Knight, and Green Tuft, accentuating the connection between people in a world without boundaries.

The second series, "New Eco," celebrates the wonders and simplicity of Mother Earth. Inspired by nature, "New Eco" brings consumers back to nature with its quietly stylish but ultimately comforting colors. The palette reinterprets Asia's captivating nature, from the vintage Asian soul to the serene oceans and mighty volcanoes expressed by its three colors, Tavern Buff, Lush and Volcanic Black.

The third collection, "Wonder-Lust," embodies today's YOLO or "You only live once" culture as it explores a human's quest for a perfect balance in life through new interests, hobbies, experiences and adventures. For consumers who are not afraid of some excitement, "Wonder-Lust" is appropriately big, bold and bright. The lively colors are Being Peach, Fast Car, and Blue Lullaby.

"Different colors induce different effects on people. As the leading paint and coating company, Nipsea Group continuously conducts research on color and design trends," Wee Siew Kim said. "We want to inspire our consumers to express their passion through color so that everyone can benefit from Trend Beyond Colors."

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