Pakistan cites China’s role in regional peace, stability

Source:Global Times Published: 2015-10-19 0:23:03

Pakistan's minister of defense said he welcomes China's proactive role and efforts to find a peaceful resolution to the Afghan problem at the sixth Xiangshan Forum in Beijing on Sunday.

China has provided assistance in projects involving people's livelihood in various fields such as medical treatment, water conservation,  and has trained over 1,000 professionals in various fields in Afghanistan, a report from the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs showed, quoting Chinese Foreign Minsiter Wang Yi.

Khawaja Muhammad Asif said that a stable and peaceful Afghanistan would guarantee peace and stability in Pakistan and the region. It is only through peace and stability that the real benefits from projects like the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor can materialize in a new era of development and prosperity, Asif said.

On regional terrorism, Asif stressed the need to address the people's basic concerns in the region and to deny space to extremist elements who take advantage of the fault lines existing in their respective societies.

In order to bring peace and stability he called for "a need to introduce a counter narrative along with comprehensive social, economic and political reforms in line with the culture, traditions and aspirations of the populace."

Asif condemned all acts of terrorism and called on the world community to recognize the reasons behind the fissures and fault lines in terrorism affected regions. On south Asian security and stability, he said that all disputes need to be resolved amicably to prevent the escalation of violence. 

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