Li Yifeng joins cast of ‘Mr. Six’

Source:Global Times Published: 2015-10-22 16:53:01

Cast of Mr. Six including Feng Xiaogang (2nd from left) and Li Yifeng (3rd from left) Photo: Courtesy of Huayi Bros. Media Group

Chinese popular heartthrob Li Yifeng attended a press conference together with prestigious Chinese director, now a lead actor, Feng Xiaogang and director Guan Hu in Beijing for their upcoming film Mr. Six, which was screened at the Venice International Film Festival in September, winning positive reviews from both critics and media.

Li received ultra-high popularity in China for his performance in the TV series Legend of Swords and The Lost Tomb. In Mr. Six, he plays the son of Mr. Six (Feng Xiaogang), who runs away from home because of conflicts with his father and later gets into trouble with gangsters.

"Director Guan gave me a character that allowed me to show a different self," Li said. "I was regarded as an 'idol type' (an actor that has looks rather than acting skills) actor. He bravely let me play such a character. He put faith in me."

Because of his pretty looks, Li is widely regarded as a representative member of "little fresh meat," a trending expression referring to those young, cute, handsome heartthrobs. Feng joked at the conference that he wonders how pretty his mother had to be for Li to play his son.

With the exception of a few guest appearances, it has been a long time since Feng, a renowned Chinese director with films such as Back to 1942, If You are the One, A World Without Thieves and Aftershock, appeared as an actor.

Feng plays a Beijing ruffian, the character after whom the film is named, called lao pao'er in Beijing dialect. He said that when first time director, Guan, approached him, he thought Guan was about to consult him for a few bits of advice since they are all directors. He didn't expect that Guan would ask him to be the lead actor.

The film is scheduled to hit domestic screens on December 24.

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