Foreign coaches praise rowing youth training in China

Source:Xinhua Published: 2015-10-25 18:39:27

Romanian rowing coach Gioga Nick, who is in charge of the Guangzhou team at the first Chinese National Youth Games here, spoke highly of the youth training in China on Sunday.

"Chinese young rowers train at an early age and their body have extremely large power. They only need to have right methods to release that power," Nick told Xinhua.

"There are a lot of strong and young rowers in China and especially in the youth group. They improve very fast and compared to the same age group across the world, Chinese rowers are more skilled and have a better body," said Nick.`

Nick believes that different to the intensity of everyday training like tradional training methods, it's more important for youths to have a high quality training session

"Basic row technique, body training, running seem easy but I require them to have the right technique and position," said Gioga.

Steffen Becker, a rowing coach for the Shanghai Jin An team, said that for competitive rowing, competitors need to have good stamina and will power, and Chinese youths have these qualities.

"Chinese rowing is entering into the golden period, the investment of money and equipment and also the standard of youths and professional training is unseen in other countries," said Becker.

He also suggests that China should encourage and help youths to compete in international events more to build experience and enter into the international stage.

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