China's figure skater Jin shines in his senior international debut

Source:Xinhua Published: 2015-11-8 10:10:00

China's 18-year-old figure skater Jin Boyang impressed the world in his first senior international competition here on Saturday with the world highest difficult point in his program.

Jin, who earned 90.05 points in the short program and 171.18 in the free skating to finish second in the men's event of Cup of China with a total of 261.23. Spain's world champion Javier Fernandez won the title in 270.55.

Jin, who finished a quadruple lutz-triple toeloop combination in the short program, one of the most difficult element in the world, opened his free skating with a quad toeloop. Though he failed three of his four quad jumps, he finished the program which has a difficult point of 102.70, the most difficult program in the world.

"I only completed one of my four quads," said Jin. "I need to be more stable."

"I'm not in my top form," he added. "I am better in my trainings."

Fernandez, who danced to "Guys and Dolls", nailed a quad toeloop and a quad salchow+triple toeloop. The difficult point of his program was only 82.85.

When asked about whether he would add more difficult elements in his program, the Spanish said he didn't think so.

"This guy here (Jin Boyang) is half my size, and much younger than me," he said. "I am old in skating already. It will be too risky if I add more quads. I don't think I will put any more difficulties."

China's Yan Han came third with a distant 230.33.

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