IS claims to have killed hostages from China, Norway

Source:Reuters - Global Times Published: 2015-11-19 0:12:05

Islamic State (IS) said in its magazine on Wednesday that it had killed a Chinese and a Norwegian captive, showing what appeared to be pictures of the dead men with a banner reading, "executed."

In its previous issue of Dabiq, it had said the two captives were "for sale."

The IS said in September that it had captured a Chinese and a Norwegian man, identified as Fan Jinghui, a freelance consultant from Beijing, and Ole Johan Grimsgaard-Ofstad from Oslo. China's foreign ministry later confirmed that the description matches a Chinese person missing abroad. 

The IS on Wednesday also said it had originally planned to bring down a Western plane but changed its target to a Russian one after Moscow launched airstrikes in Syria. It said it had smuggled the bomb onto the plane after finding a security loophole at the airport. 

Reuters - Global Times

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