Snow country for cold men

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Photo: Weibo


Photo: Weibo


Photo: Weibo


Pictured is a collection of creative snowmen and cartoon characters made by people across North China that circulated on social media after heavy snows covered the region last week. Photo: Weibo

The recent snowfall covering North China has left locals feeling frosty - in more ways than one. Many revelers put aside the corncob pipes and buttons, put on their creative winter caps and went for something beyond the ordinary bulbous snowman.

Students at Beijing Sport University stacked snowmen with ice-hard abs, while a girl in Changchun, Jilin Province reportedly spent two and a half hours on a replica of the Grecian classic Venus de Milo.

The recent weather resulted in an avalanche of photos on social media showing snowpeople in different poses, such as crawling on the ground or holding hands.

And why stop at people? Animal-inspired creations were apparently hot in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, where sculptures of dogs playing guitar and turtles climbing on trees popped up around the city.

Cartoon characters were also a source of inspiration. Down in the capital, Beijing saw a snowy cameo from Baymax of the Disney film Big Hero 6.

Choice of wardrobe was just as varied; some creative sculptors dressed their snowpeople in bras and wedding gowns.

China's meteorological bureau issued a "blue alert" on Saturday, the lowest of its four-tier weather warning system, for snowstorms in Beijing and neighboring regions, the Xinhua News Agency reported Saturday.

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