Protest for the planet

Source:Global Times Published: 2015-11-30 19:43:01

Activists participate in the Global Climate March on Sunday in Berlin. Photo: IC

As nearly 150 world leaders gather in Paris for talks crucial to tackling global warming, the streets of cities all over the world have been filled with demonstrators calling for action on climate change.

Scientists have predicted that if the Earth continues to warm there will be catastrophic outcomes for the whole world, especially for coastal areas that are expected to be submerged if more of the planet's ice and snow melts.

It's widely believed that human activities, especially burning fossil fuels, result in global warming. Starting Sunday, people in many countries came together to protest against man-made climate change. They called on the COP21, or the Paris Climate Change Conference, to achieve concrete goals in curbing carbon emissions in order to slow down global warming.

As a leading economic power, China rolled out a national plan in June to peak its rising carbon dioxide emissions by 2030, and called on all parties to achieve a legally biding agreement at the Paris convention, something they failed to do six years ago in Copenhagen.

Global Times

Policemen fight with activists during a protest ahead of the 2015 Paris Climate Conference in Paris on Sunday. Police have clamped down on demonstrations in the city due to security concerns. Photo: IC


Demonstrators carry panda-shaped placards as tens of thousands of people gather in London for the Climate March. Photo: IC

Two women wearing polar bear placards march during a rally calling for action on climate change in Hong Kong on November 29. Photo: AFP

People take part in the Global Climate March demonstration in Amsterdam. Photo: CFP


The Eiffel Tower is transformed into a "forest of light" Sunday. Photo: CFP


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