The emperor’s new pose

Source:Global Times Published: 2015-12-2 19:58:01

A picture of Qing Dynasty emperor Kangxi shows that famed feudalistic rulers also have a cute side.

A winking Li Qingzhao, the celebrated Song Dynasty (1084-1155) poet, is depicted flashing a "V" sign. 

A photo shows two ancient figurines arranged to appear they are high-fiving each other.

Emperor Yongzheng strikes another pose for the Palace Museum's marketing campaign, which launched in November.

Qing Dynasty (1644-1911)emperors Qianlong (left) and Yongzheng cast smug glances at one another

A smiling Emperor Yongzheng of the Qing Dynasty. Photos: Sina Weibo account "Gugong Taobao"

Beijing's Palace Museum has stirred discord among the social media masses with its new marketing campaign featuring whimsical portraits of Chinese emperors and other historical figures striking modern-day poses.

The once stoic emperors and poets now flash "V" signs, sport sunglasses or cutely cradle their smiling faces as part of the Sina Weibo campaign kicked off in November aiming to push the museum's latest line of souvenirs on its Taobao store. reports that the museum, widely known as the Forbidden City, has taken in more than 700 million yuan ($109 million) during the first half of 2015 with their new product line, boasting more than 7,000 different souvenir items such as custom jewelry priced up to 468 yuan.

Despite its commercial success, the series was met with mixed reviews on social media. Some argued that spoofing historical figures is inappropriate, calling the pictures "toxic." 

However, many applauded the designs. "These pictures are so adorable. I'm using them as my phone's wallpaper," wrote a Net user.

Looking to cash in on the Forbidden City's success, other museums across China are following suit. The Du Fu Thatched Cottage Museum in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, for example, sells smartphone cases and mouse pads bearing the likeness of its namesake Tang Dynasty poet (618-907).

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