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Source:Global Times Published: 2015-12-8 19:13:01

Hunting guide Yin Deyan helps a hunter to aim at prey on the Black Tiger Mountain Hunting Club's grounds in Rizhao, Shandong Province. Photo: IC

The only legal hunting facility in East China, the Black Tiger Mountain Hunting Club's grounds cover an area of more than 800 hectares in Rizhao, Shandong Province.

Hunting enthusiasts come to Black Tiger Mountain to kill chickens, pigs, goats and deer which have been released into the enclosed field.

Policies on hunting clubs are strict, so it took three years for the owner to get approval from all the related departments including the local forestry administration and police department.

There are around 20 hunting clubs in China, mostly in northeastern and northwestern provinces.

China's gun control regulations are highly strict to ensure maximum safety, with the Ministry of Public Security ordering that each hunter has to be accompanied by a hunting guide so that the gun and ammunition are always separated. When the hunter has the gun in their hands, the guide holds the bullets and passes them to the hunter when they need to reload.

All shotguns are equipped with tracking devices, and all shotgun shell casings must be recycled according to the police orders.

The local police bureau has stationed two officers at the hunting club to manage the shotguns, bows and crossbows used for hunting. Only one group of hunters are allowed in the field at a time.

Hunting is an expensive hobby in China, and the membership fees for the Black Tiger Mountain club are at least 100,000 yuan ($15,590).

Global Times

Yin Deyan points her gun at an animal while hunting. Photo: IC

Yin registers guns with an officer dispatched by the local police station. Photo: IC

Yin and her dog patrol the hunting grounds in search of prey. Photo: IC


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