Wuzhen showcases China’s Net prosperity

Source:Global Times Published: 2015-12-16 0:48:01

The second World Internet Conference is being held in Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province from Wednesday to Friday. State leaders including Chinese President Xi Jinping, Pakistani President Mamnoon Hussain, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, 20 heads of important international organizations, and over 2,000 guests from more than 120 countries will attend the meeting. Such a large-scale world Internet conference reflects the attraction of China's Internet power to the world.

Some in the Western mainstream media are making sour comments, arguing that China is a country that tightly controls cyberspace, and is among the lowest-ranking nations in network freedom.

Reporters Without Borders has even appealed for a boycott of the Wuzhen meet, yet nobody has taken it seriously.

When it comes to cyberspace management, divergences exist between China and Western nations. But China has handled it well, and has taken the initiative.

With the high-speed development of China's network industry, the country has become the No. 2 Internet power in the world, with many of its crucial network indices ranking first or second globally. This is strong evidence of the Chinese Internet's healthy development.

What is network freedom supposed to be? The logic of China and the West are different. Quite a few countries are puzzled by this question. If we all apply the rules of the US, many societies could not afford the consequences. Chinese exploration is hence meaningful to the world.

China hosting the World Internet Conference shows that the country doesn't reject different modes or opinions, but is willing to communicate and promote mutual learning and integration. It is a real open attitude, which is of great significance in the current multi-value world.

China has allegedly 700 million Web users, which is more than two times the entire US population. Such a large opinion field can be noisier than anyone can ever imagine, but in the meantime, there are certain rules in it. This might be China's success in cyberspace management.

Having good order does not mean everything is fine. How to make the order more natural, allowing the majority of ordinary people to enjoy convenience and comfort on the Internet, and a minority with higher demands can also accept it, requires future exploration and adaptation. 

Although there are always a small number of people who take a pessimistic view, the momentum of Chinese Internet development is actually upbeat and positive. The grand gathering in Wuzhen is showing that the world favors the prospects of China's future network. Smooth development of China's cyberspace will provide the international network a solid foundation, as well as a broader space in future development.

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