HK radical camp misguided about its role

Source:Global Times Published: 2015-12-24 23:58:01

When Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying was reporting on his work to Chinese President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang on Wednesday, there was a change in the seating arrangement. A long conference table was seen for the first time in such a meeting, and while Xi sat at the head of the table, Leung and other mainland officials were seated on the two sides of it. The arrangement broke the previous protocol where Hong Kong's chief executive would always sit side by side with Chinese leaders.

The public in both Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland have noticed the change. According to mainstream analysis, the new seating arrangement more accurately embodies the spirit of One country, Two Systems, which underlines the relationship between the central government and Hong Kong, a local administrative unit. The change is therefore welcomed. However, a few Hong Kong opposition figures have criticized the adjustment, arguing that it undermines Hong Kong's status.

Since last year, the central government has made its position clear on the extremist emphasis on "two systems" by the Hong Kong's radical opposition, which even oversteps the Basic Law. The Hong Kong opposition camp has launched a number of antagonistic activities including Occupy Central, rejecting the general election proposal. Some of the radicals even hyped up "Hong Kong independence," and piled pressure on the central government time and again, trying to force the latter to give up the One country, Two Systems principle, sacrifice the "one country," and put Hong Kong at the same level as the Chinese mainland.

Such a demand is arrogant and naive. Hong Kong's opposition radicals are confused about their identity. They have forgotten that the sovereignty of the city was resumed after modern China forced the British government to compromise, and Hong Kong's high degree of autonomy comes from the central government. How the city governs itself is up to the Basic Law, which is made by the central government.

Maintaining the One Country, Two Systems principle without any sway or distortion is one of China's core interests. As a major country, China has faced significant challenges over different core interests. The incidents stirred up by Hong Kong opposition radicals last year are only a small episode in the entire process of China's rejuvenation.

These radicals have not yet changed their mind-set. Their behavior will only make the city's future path bumpier, and bring annoyance to the local people. Abandoning them will be the inevitable choice of the Hong Kong society.

The whole country is now focusing on development. Certain people from Hong Kong should really feel ashamed of what they have brought to the city. It is time for them to make adjustments, and step up to their responsibilities to Hong Kong.

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