Maliciously stirring up conflict harms Hong Kong

By Shan Renping Source:Global Times Published: 2016-1-5 0:53:02

Hong Kong media reported on the latest development of the alleged "missing person's" case of Lee Bo, a shareholder in Hong Kong's Causeway Bay Books, which clarify several key facts. First, Lee is indeed "assisting an investigation" in the Chinese mainland. Second, he was not taken away by Chinese mainland police officers. 

Lee allegedly went missing on December 30. According to his wife, his last phone call was made from Shenzhen, but his Mainland Travel Permit remains at his residence. The incident has been hyped up by some Hong Kong and overseas media outlets, with speculation running high that Lee was taken away by Chinese mainland police. Some people cannot wait to define the case as a "violation of One Country, Two Systems."

Lee stated in his open letters that in an urgent need to tackle some problems confidential to others, he went to the mainland in his own way to assist in an investigation. According to newspaper Ta Kung Pao, Lee used a pseudonym and therefore there is no departure record that he had left Hong Kong.

These follow-up reports were questioned by a few pro-opposition camp media outlets in Hong Kong, which claimed that he wrote the letters under coercion. However, the speculation is ideologically biased.

Causeway Bay Books almost only publishes and sells mainland-related political books, many of which contain maliciously fabricated content. Those books have through various channels entered into the mainland and have become a source of certain political rumors, which have caused some evil influence to some extent.

The bookstore is as matter of fact surviving by creating trouble for the mainland. It seems to have been deliberately creating a gray zone between Hong Kong and the mainland, while it makes profit by political provocation.

A few people in Hong Kong are raising difficulties for the country. They constantly launch political attacks, the negative influences of which are no longer restricted to the city, but infiltrate the mainland in the new era of the Internet.

This goes against the will of One Country, Two Systems. The Basic Law is supposed to let the city coexist harmoniously with the mainland, instead of making the two sides confront each other. Whoever maliciously stirs up conflict will offend the entire country, and betray Hong Kong's fundamental interests.

Take Lee's incident, some people tend to hype it up in the first place, and guide it toward becoming a political issue, trying to create estrangement between Hong Kong and the mainland, while throwing mud at One Country, Two Systems. It is regretful. Believing in the country as well as the Basic Law should be the precondition whenever the city's residents discuss any new events.

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