World Bank gives Zambia 40 mln USD to mitigate lead poisoning

Source:Xinhua Published: 2016-1-6 8:09:59

The World Bank has released 40 million US dollars to help mitigate the impact of lead poisoning in two mining towns in Zambia, the Times of Zambia reported on Tuesday.

The funds will help mitigate impact of lead poisoning in central Zambia's Kabwe town, which is reeling under the effects of lead mining for years.

The program will also be used to mitigate lead poisoning in two other mining towns on the Copperbelt Province, Mufulira and Chingola.

The program will include identification of high blood levels in children and treatment in the two mining towns, greening the environment and play parks, canals, drainages and provision of clean water.

Ronald Daka, a top civic leader in Kabwe said the five-year project will start in June this year and that it will be implemented in three parts.

"The World Bank has put in place funds intended to reduce lead poisoning in Chowa and other neighboring townships that have been affected," he is quoted saying by the paper.

The local authority, he said, was also working with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) over reduction of lead poisoning in Kabwe.

Kabwe is located about 150 kilometers north of Lusaka, the Zambian capital. In 1902, rich deposits of zinc and lead were discovered there and mining and smelting commenced soon after and ran almost continuously until 1994 without addressing the potential dangers of lead contamination.

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