Trump is dead wrong on NK nuke issue

Source:Global Times Published: 2016-1-8 0:58:01

North Korea's claims of a successful hydrogen bomb test have frustrated international society. The UN Security Council issued a prompt statement denouncing North Korea's act. It is expected new measures against the North will be announced soon.

At this juncture, the US and a few Western countries are pointing the finger at China, accusing China of being responsible for the North Korean nuclear problem.

Donald Trump, US presidential candidate and always an indiscreet speaker, claimed that  "China should solve that problem and we should put pressure on China to solve the problem."  He even flippantly advocated that the US should act very tough on China on trade and "have China collapse in two minutes."

The US and European mainstream media blamed China for not doing enough in sanctioning North Korea. In their eyes, Beijing should care little about the impacts that full-scale turbulence in North Korea may have on China and take all the risks.

The root causes of the North Korean nuclear issue are very complicated. For one thing, the North Korean regime has chosen the wrong path for security, and for another, the US has persistently stuck to a hostile policy toward North Korea. 

There is no peace accord on the Peninsula yet, which makes North Korea feel full of security anxieties. The Korean Peninsula is the only place in the world where the Cold War lingers. The US should bear more responsibility to alleviate tensions in the Peninsula.

Now the North Korean nuclear problem has entangled all parties, including Pyongyang itself.

If North Korea's possession of nuclear weapons gives rise to nuclear proliferation, there will be no winners. All parties concerned should make concerted efforts, reaching a joint compromise.

There is no hope to put an end to the North Korean nuclear conundrum if the US, South Korea and Japan do not change their policies toward Pyongyang. Solely depending on Beijing's pressure to force the North to give up its nuclear plan is an illusion.

In no way will China bear the responsibilities that the US, South Korea and Japan should take. The hostilities between them and Pyongyang are actually the source of the nuclear problems. The China-North Korea relationship should not be dragged into antagonism. Beijing has participated in previous sanctions on the North. Whether China will take tougher measures hinges on the decision of the UN Security Council.

Denuclearizing the Peninsula is one of China's strategic goals and is in the common interests of all parties. All parties concerned should share the responsibilities and enhance cooperation to promote the resumption of the Six-Party Talks, solving the cross-century conundrum.

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