‘Missing’ HK bookseller turns himself in to mainland police for drunk driving killing of a college girl in 2003

By Globaltimes.cn Source:Global Times Published: 2016-1-17 22:29:44

One of the five missing Hong Kong booksellers has said that he returned to the Chinese mainland to turn himself in after 11 years on the run for killing a college student while driving drunk, the Xinhua News Agency reported Sunday.   

"Returning to the Chinese mainland and surrendering was my personal choice and had nothing to do with anyone else. I should shoulder my responsibility and I don't want any individual or institutions to interfere, or viciously hype up my return," Gui told Xinhua. He is currently being held in a detention center, the location of which was not mentioned.

According to the report, China-born Swedish national Gui Minhai, who worked for publishing house Mighty Current and also runs the Causeway Bay bookstore in Hong Kong, was sentenced to two years in jail with a two-year reprieve in August 2004 for running over and killing a college girl in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province on December 8, 2003. 

He had driven some friends home after dinner, and killed the victim as he drove past a university in the city. Police confirmed that he was driving while intoxicated.   

The girl, surnamed Shen, was around 20 at the time of her death, and her father was already over 70. Her parents had protested about the sentence, requesting that Gui receive a harsher punishment. The name of the sentencing court was not provided.

In November 2004, Gui fled overseas using a fake ID. Police have been chasing him since 2006. 

Gui admitted that he missed his family while he was away and decided to turn himself in after learning of his father's death.  

Gui also said that "although I am a Swedish national, I feel that I am still Chinese and my roots are in China. Therefore, I hope that the Swedish government will respect my choice, my rights and my privacy and let me solve my problem on my own."

Gui was born in Ningbo in 1964, and gained Swedish citizenship in 1996.

The report also noted that Gui is suspected of committing other crimes and investigations are underway. 

Mystery has been surrounding the whereabouts of Gui and 4 other booksellers. Previous reports said that Gui went missing while vacationing in Thailand in the middle of October 2015. He had sent an e-mail to his printers on October 15, asking his co-workers to get ready for a new book. 

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