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Metro readers share how they declared their feelings to their beloved

Valentine's Day is a special day when many people express their love to the object of their affection. Photo: IC

The French call it amour, the Spanish amor and the Italians amore. In Chinese it is ai and in English it is love. "I love you" is just three simple words, a short declarative sentence, but these three words, regardless of the language they are spoken in, have the power to elevate the human spirit, or crush it. It is never easy for one to summon the courage to profess their love.

Fortunately, every year there's a special day, Valentine's Day, which presents an opportunity for those who have hidden their love to declare it loudly and clearly - come what may.

This Valentine's Day, in honor of those brave souls, Metropolitan has chronicled some unforgettable love confessions and tips on how to profess your love to the object of your affection.

Some people choose to profess their love in public, which is risky and even embarrassing sometimes. Photo: IC

Star-crossed love

Alfin Winarto, 22, Indonesia, student

She has been my best friend since we were kids. Both of us liked looking at the stars and often stargazed together.

As we grew up, I fell in love with her, but I hesitated to confess. I told myself maybe it would be best to stay friends. I did not want to ruin everything. However, I was in pain. I was always asking myself, was it too far for me to catch her? The answer remained buried along with my hesitancy.

In the winter of 2010, she suddenly fell seriously sick. When I saw her lying on the white bed with all the medical equipment installed around her arms, my heart broke like a fragile glass. From that day, I accompanied her all the time and did everything I could to make her smile. But I still did not confess my love.   

It was Christmas when she asked me to go stargazing together, so I brought her to the park in the hospital. Suddenly she said, "You know what, I feel like the luckiest person in the world."

And I asked, "Why? You haven't recovered as yet."

"Because I have had so many good times, traveled to so many places and seen beautiful things in this world, isn't it great?" she replied, adding, "I also have you."

At that moment, I just could not look at anything else but her pure eyes, which gave me the strength to gather up the courage. "I have loved you for a long time. I love your smile, your voice, the way you see things in this world. You make me realize that loving someone is the happiest feeling as a human," I said in tears. "I really love you. And I always will."

She stared at me for a long time, and then suddenly I felt a warm feeling wrapping my body. She hugged me and said, "Thank you, me too."

She passed away a week later, and I returned to the spot I declared my love to her. She had written me a letter shortly before she passed, and I read it with shaking hands.

"Promise me, you will not be sad. I hope you can keep smiling every day. Remember the stars. When you miss me, just look at them. When you look at them, I look at you from above. Thank you for loving me. I will love you now and forever."

I will not be sad because I am not far from her. She has become a shining star in my heart and will remain there as long as I still live. 

Fated love

Dave ten Hoope, 30, the Netherlands, architect

After completing my master's degree in architecture, I got my first job in Delhi, India in October 2012. When I met Priyanka, the marketing head of the office, it was love at first sight for me.  

One day, I asked if she could show me around Delhi. We spent a whole day going around the city while she told me about the history of India. She was a totally different person outside the office but still quite strict in demeanor. The sun was setting, and I knew she would soon return home, so I mustered my courage, pulled her into my arms and kissed her. She was shocked but did not push me away. The next day, Priyanka told me that my actions confused her because she had a strict rule of "no office romance," especially with me, who would be leaving India for good in months.

However, the kiss must have worked wonders. Two days later, when I was still upset and heartbroken, she told me that she has decided to ignore the "no office romance" rule and take each day as it comes. Then we had a good time for months until I had to leave India.

I was sad about breaking up with Priyanka, but I also feared committing to a relationship so early at the start of my career. I could see that Priyanka was upset too but was putting on a brave face. Just when I was about to enter the airport, I suddenly turned around and held her in my arms, and finally said "I love you." She smiled with teary eyes and said she loves me too.

Three months later, I was back in India with a promising job and reunited with my love. When we were on a vacation in western India, on the night of Diwali celebration when entire India was decorated and lit up, I went down on one knee and asked her to marry me on the majestic and magnificently lit Jaisalmer Fort. She agreed.

We have been living in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province since 2014. And we plan to get married this October.

Unrequited love

Deng Wei, 23, China, medical researcher

It happened in 2010 when I was in university. It was about midnight, and I was preparing to go to bed; suddenly I heard some people call my name loudly from downstairs.

I opened the window and saw an astonishing scene. One of my male classmates was roller skating in a business suit. He jumped and swirled while waving his arms at me, smiling and calling my name.

"I like you! Be my girlfriend!" he shouted and began to speed up crazily. While going in circles, he began to do more fancy skating moves, including picking up a bunch of roses from behind a dustbin where he hid them beforehand.

I was stunned at first but soon got really embarrassed. More and more onlookers were gathering outside my dormitory watching his skating show. They also helped him call my name loudly even though I did not know most of them. "Accept him!" They shouted excitedly.

But I let them down. I silently closed the window, locked the door, put on my earphones and switched the volume to max, and went to bed after sending him one word "No" via text.

The DON'Ts of declaring love

Jeremy Garlick, 45, Britain, opinion writer

Romeos and Juliets should be aware that there are good times and places to declare your affections, but that there are also bad ones.

Some brave souls choose to confess their feelings at televised football games or in shopping malls, thinking that it will be more romantic. However, the downside is that if the chosen one says "No!" then the proposer looks like a real idiot.

I remember the online videos of failed proposals I watched. A man produces a ring while sitting in the crowd at a football game only to be slapped in the face by the woman who then storms off in disgust leaving her rejected beau to hide his face in his hands while thousands of people look on in bemusement.

Next, there is the man who hires a music group to serenade his lover, only for the lady to grab a guitar from one of the musicians and whack him over the head with it.

Lastly, if you intend to propose, make sure you won't be interrupted. This happened to an unfortunate couple who happened to be located on a lovely rock by the sea. They were literally swept off their feet when a monster wave suddenly whooshed in, knocking them both into the water. I just hope the man kept hold of the ring.

Choose your time and place carefully, or face humiliation that will be difficult to live down. Or, better yet, just declare your feelings in private.

Wooing 101

Metropolitan interviewed 37 men and women aged from 19-35, and reviewed some hot discussion posts on Sina Weibo and Baidu Tieba to compile the top five methods men use most and the women's top five most hated love confessions.

Men's five most popular love confessions

1. Directly say it without thinking.

2. Confess love via text/WeChat.

3. A card with love confession in a bunch of roses.

4. Place candles in heart shape outside the window and sing love songs.

5. Give her a lot of hints such as flirtatious glances and light touches.

Women's five most hated love confessions

1. Stalking her to snap pictures and record videos to make a confession album and video.

2. Placing candles and flowers downstairs with guitar playing and love song singing that attracts too much unnecessary attention and only causes embarrassment.

3. Professing your love via a WeChat or QQ message instead of saying it face-to-face.

4. Making a public declaration and refusing to get up until the woman says yes.

5. Failing to read her feelings and confessing again and again even if she rejects him every time.

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