Pro-independence forces rip Taiwan apart

Source:Global Times Published: 2016-2-29 0:38:01

Sunday marks the 69th anniversary of the February 28 incident in Taiwan, and on the eve of the anniversary, the Kuomintang (KMT) headquarters suffered an arson attack when Molotov cocktails were thrown at it. In recent months, some other KMT-related relics in Taiwan have been vandalized, including paint being thrown at the statue of Chiang Kai-shek at his Memorial Hall.

Before the KMT steps down, the pro-independence Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is gaining momentum. This year's anniversary of the incident is getting a bit bitter.

A massive protest broke out in February 1947 in Taiwan, and spread like wildfire across the whole island. The former ruling KMT government gathered troops and violently suppressed the protest, leading to a massacre in Taipei on February 28.

The incident gained closure when the KMT made a public apology in 1995. Thousands of relatives of the victims have been compensated so far.

However, the influence of the incident still lingers.

Radical pro-independence groups try to manipulate the incident to create a false impression to the Taiwanese public that it was a crackdown from an "outside government" to the "island dwellers." This is the root cause why some forces keep making an issue of the incident.

The KMT just lost an election, and now it becomes a target of vilification on the anniversary, with Chiang's statues being vandalized at one place or another.

As one of China's most established political parties, the KMT is having a tough time.

Chiang's profile as a failed leader is getting clear-cut. China under his rule was a war-ridden country, where the masses could hardly make a living.

Chiang nominally unified the country once again, but never ruled it to a good end. He was swept out of the Chinese mainland eventually.

The fugitive KMT landed in Taiwan, and the island's economy took off with the aid of the US. But Chiang's political vision of recovering the mainland failed at last.

After his death, a peculiar concept that promotes an indigenous Taiwan started to rise amid a distorted historical context and a geopolitical landscape. This philosophy that claims Taiwan as a state is swelling. Not only would it oppose the mainland in politics, but also uproot the KMT's decades-long endeavor.

Chiang and his party were given a chance to lead China, but they wasted it. Chiang lost the mainland, and his pupils are losing Taiwan.

Some people think Taiwan's democracy is a true contribution by the KMT and Chiang's disciples. In fact, Taiwan is being led astray to independence by some forces, which try to extinguish the island's genetic connections with the Chinese mainland.

Taiwan independence is a dead end, and the hysterical waves some forces are making will end in futility. When the KMT hands over power, it will leave Taiwan with serious uncertainties.

The mainland is heading to prosperity, while Taiwan is lost. It is ripping itself apart. It seems to be a far cry before Taiwan can fit itself with the mainland by agreeing with the latter politically.

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