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By Yin Yeping Source:Global Times Published: 2016-3-6 20:08:01

Denis G. Antoine, the new Grenadian Ambassador to China, has a long-standing personal and professional bond with China. Photo: Yin Yeping/GT

Denis G. Antoine, the newly-appointed Grenadian Ambassador to China, is passionate about the relationship between China and Grenada. Although this is his first posting in China, his bond with the country was forged years ago.

The Global Times (GT) recently sat down with Antoine, who shared his views on what China and Grenada can work together on in the future.

GT: What was your first connection with China?

I visited China in 2006, 2008 and 2011, but those were just quick visits. My first connection with China goes way back. I have read about China and I also have a Chinese friend for more than 20 years. He is in the US and is a Buddhist. I learned another aspect of Chinese culture [from him].

I developed a relationship with many embassies in Washington and the Organization of American States, where China is a permanent observer. Over the years, I interacted with Chinese citizens and embassies. My interest in China grew during my tenure as the Grenadian Ambassador to the US.

I worked in academia after [leaving] the embassy in Washington and later established relationships with universities and colleges in China. I was fascinated by China and Chinese people. My connection with China is both personal and professional.

GT: How do you plan to deepen people-to-people connections between Grenada and China?

There are many ways. I believe that people-to-people connections can grow. In investment, I would like to see Chinese businesspeople connect with us in a number of ways. Transportation is another area. We are already discussing the possibility of building an airline between China, Cuba and Grenada, which I hope will take place later this year.

I am also interested in culture. We have common values. Now, we have over 50 Grenadian students studying in China. They are helping boost the people-to-people connections as well.

GT: What opportunities are available for Chinese to invest in Grenada?

We have an economic citizenship program. If you invest in Grenada, you will automatically get the security of being given the opportunity to become a citizen of Grenada.

The investment does not require a lot of money - [at least] $350,000. When an individual becomes a citizen of Grenada, they will have visa free access to more than 120 countries.

GT: What sector would be your priority in China?

I believe it is not specific to one field. But energy is important to us. That's why we talk about the transfer of solar technology and financing for development.

We need to leverage how we can get financing and support to develop our economy in special areas. We are going to look at human resource development, reinvestment in renewable energy, infrastructure, and technology.

Above all, what I would like to see happen during my tenure here in Beijing is for Grenada to become the model that China holds up for partnership. 

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