Expats extol the virtues of the many good quality made-in-China products

Source:Global Times Published: 2016-3-8 16:43:01

A woman buys Tsingtao beer, one of the many Chinese products popular with foreigners. Photo: CFP

In recent years with a booming economy and increased incomes, Chinese people enjoy purchasing from abroad, and foreign brands, from luxury commodities to daily necessities, are all found in ordinary Chinese households.

Many Chinese spend large amounts when they travel overseas or have friends or relatives buy items for them. Because of the demand for foreign goods, a new profession has emerged - the overseas purchasing agents who look for and buy foreign goods and bring them to China on commission.

In the other direction Chinese brands are now being recognized all around the world and many foreigners living or working in China are relying more and more on Chinese brands for food, clothes, cosmetics and electronic products.

Many Chinese brands are being bought because they are quality products and expats readily take them back to their home countries because they are well made and reasonably priced.

The Global Times took to the street to ask expats what their favorite Chinese brands or products were and what Chinese brands they might take home as gifts.

Hanna Eberli, student, Switzerland

I would love to bring WeChat with all its assets and functions to my country! QR Code and WeChat wallet in particular. Because in my country they use WhatsApp and it is just not as smart as WeChat. I am not certain how secure the transfers are, but anyhow it's fast and convenient, and, for sure, a way to avoid standing in line at ATMs and bank counters.

Sabrina Sarma, teacher, the UK

Since moving to China I have grown to love so many things about this country. One example is the community spirit and values. I often see women getting together every evening to dance and exercise. One particular item I often see that is made in China is a shuttlecock which is peculiar to China in that it exercises the feet and legs rather than hitting it with a racket bat like we do in England. It's fun, active and something I'd love to introduce to England. I have purchased one myself, and intend to introduce it to my family. Nowadays kids and families seemingly spend less time together outdoors. Thus it would be a great item, made in China, to bring to England and promote a healthy, happy and communal spirit!

Sumeyye Unver, journalist, Turkey

I no longer look to see where products are manufactured because China produces so many things and many of them are really good. I use and trust Chinese products although I don't remember all the brand names. For me, the most important things are that they should be convenient, comfortable, good quality, trendy, chic and cheap.

Since I have been living in China, I think it becomes really difficult to find non-Chinese products any more. Even in the rest of the world, like the US, it's impossible to find a non-Chinese product.

If I am buying something to take home I like to buy things related to Chinese culture, like chopsticks. My family and friends know nothing about Chinese culture and they like these souvenirs. Actually I like to buy Chinese tea and I trust in Chinese tea, and some of the dried Chinese food like dried mushrooms, nuts and fruit.

I also trust Chinese medicine and, although I can't recall the brand names now, I use some of them because they really work.

Brian, education consultant, the US

I use a Huawei phone - believe it or not, it's very popular among foreigners, and many of my friends are using Huawei smartphones. It's sleek and attractively designed. I wouldn't say that I'm obsessed with this brand, but for people who come to China frequently, Huawei really works well here. There are more applications, it's easier to operate, also the price is reasonable.

Esra Ozkartal, architect, Turkey

Goji berries are considered a magical fruit in Turkey and most doctors suggest you eat goji berries if you want to lose weight. With its simple sweet taste it can help lots of people lose weight. Not only goji berries but also all kinds of Chinese herbal medicines have become popular because of the media. Chinese face masks are popular in Turkey as well because of the low cost and because they are made from natural materials.

Deev Sua, engineer, New Zealand

I've been living in Shanghai for more than five years. One thing I noticed about Chinese brands is that for the same kind of product, the prices of different brands vary widely. I usually buy brands I normally use, but because I plan to stay in Shanghai at least for the next few years, I am willing to try more Chinese brands in future.

Aaron Batchelor (left), product manager, Australia

Today I come here to buy some things with my Chinese wife. Tsingtao beer is one of my favorites. And my wife buys Zhenjiang vinegar. I'm afraid these are the only two names I can recall, but I think lots of things we buy are Chinese brands. I just don't bother to remember every brand name.

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