23-year prisoner acquitted of murder seeks 10 million yuan in compensation

Source:Global Times Published: 2016-3-10 20:03:01

A man who spent 23 years behind bars after being falsely convicted of murder and arson has applied for 9.66 million yuan ($1.48 million) in compensation, the Beijing Times reported Thursday.

Citing insufficient evidence, the High People's Court of Zhejiang Province, which was tasked with reviewing the case, said the charges against Chen Man could not be upheld on February 1.

Chen, from Sichuan Province, served the longest known jail term for a wrongful conviction in China, media reported.

Chen, 52, was arrested in Haikou, Hainan Province in 1992 and sentenced to death with a reprieve in 1994 on charges of killing an employee of the property management company who owned the house he was renting at the time. He was also accused of burning down the house with the corpse still inside.

Wang Wanqiong, Chen's attorney, has filed an application for State compensation, in which six demands are mentioned, one of which is a public apology to Chen in the national and local media - including China Central Television, the People's Daily and the Xinhua News Agency - from the High People's Court of Hainan Province, which convicted him.

Chen also claimed financial compensation for his mental and physical suffering, including over 1.8 million yuan for his personal liberty being infringed, 3 million yuan for mental suffering and 100,000 yuan for healthcare.

Chen requested 3.7 million yuan for lost income, saying that he deserved twice the standard rate of State compensation for lost income, about 220 yuan per day, as he was the owner of a successful interior design company before he was arrested.

In December, a court in Hunan Province granted a man who spent more than 11 years behind bars after a false murder conviction 1.27 million yuan in State compensation.

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